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More than 36 years of experience in brode sector

By means of high technology machine park, a production carried out with confidence and experience since 1986

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Integrated brode production factories that cross boundaries

Brode production, embroidery production, woven textile production, knitted textile production and thread production at the factories in Turkey and Iran

Integrated Brode Production in Turkey and Iran

Kaplan Brode Tekstil ve Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, which is one of the leading enterprises in brode sector, was established by Hüseyin Kaplan in year 1986 with the intent of making brode production.

The enterprise became integrated production facility by rapidly growing in primarily brode and embroidery, woven textile, knitted textile and thread production in virtue of innovative and sustainable production policies that the enterprise followed since the day it was established. Kaplan Brode is exporting to many countries in the world Iran, Russia, Turkic Republics, North Africa and Middle East countries being in the first place by using high technology production techniques on her facilities in Turkey and Iran that have 29.000 m² indoor space in total.

The company, who knows the importance of branding and makes necessary investment in this regard, branded the brode production within the sector in the year of 1986 with Toliyent® brand. Kaplan Brode is offering Toliyent® branded products, where Toliyent® being a brand the enterprise created by the design unit within the body of Kaplan Brode, to customers coming from many countries around the world at 2.000 m² showrooms in Turkey and Iran.

Kaplan Brode, who adopted continuous development as a principle, constantly renovates her machine park in accordance with technological developments and carries on with R&D investments.


Kaplan Brode produces whole range of home textile products such as brode, embroidery, guipure, festoon, lace, bedspreads and roller blinds in its integrated facilities by means of its advanced machine park.

Brode Curtain Production

Brode and Embroidery

Kaplan Brode, who has a rich pattern collection, produces all brode and embroidery products in terms of home textile within its own body.

Woven and Knitted Textile

The company, who achieved to make production with high efficiency with its advanced machine park, also contains woven and knitted textile production within herself.


The company, who started thread production in line with its more than 36 years of brode experience, produces fancy thread that are used in brode and embroidery production.


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